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The Rose is traditionally known as the ‘Queen of flowers’. Our Rose essential oil is steam distilled from the handpicked Rose petals in Turkey early in the morning. We need 4000 kg of rose petals (full truck) to receive 1 kg of Rose essential oil.

Every year from May to June the region of Isparta in Turkey brightened up by a soft pink color. Time for the Rose harvest. During the harvest in the morning, young and old people are in the fields for picking the Roses. Later on the day, the Rose petals are processed in our distillery to make Rose Oil and Rose Water. A fragrant and heartwarming process.

The Rose is highly prized in all cultures and has been associated with love and beauty for thousands of years. Rose essential Oil holds a special place in the hearts of all who love aromatherapy and natural perfumery. Rose oil encourages feelings of well-being and happiness and is excellent for skincare and female-related problems.

Rose oil should “freeze” or start to it at 18 degrees C. This is normal and could be considered as a proof that the oil is not adulterated and diluted. This is because rose oil is rich in waxes that solidify at cool temperatures This is completely normal and will melt when gently warmed and rolled in your hands.


Rose essential oil is one of the best, all-purpose essential oils for your collection. It is a tender, uplifting and soothing oil. It can help to fight depression, grief, anger and fear, and has a tonic effect on the heart and digestive system.

Rose oil is the first choice for helping with female-related problems, Rose essential oil is invaluable for all types of gynecological, menstrual cycle and menopausal problems. During such times of physical and emotional upheaval, this oil should be your number one choice since it regulates menstruation, eases cramps and balances negative emotions such as anxiety, fear (of change) and all forms of impatient and snappish behavior.

Rose oil is also considered one of the best essential oils to use on the skin.

Rose essential oil soothes, moisturizes, hydrates and stimulates the skin. It boosts all skin types and is particularly beneficial for dry, mature, inflamed and sensitive complexions. It helps to reduce skin redness, fights inflammation, and its astringent properties can help to reduce the appearance of thread veins. Rose regulates the secretions from the sebaceous oil glands under the skin that’s why she is one of the most popular oils for using in cosmetics.

Therapeutically Rose is one of the best oils for balancing the emotions, and increasing concentration; it is one of the strongest but least toxic of all essential oils.

Rose is a symbol for completeness, love, and sexual unfolding. The fragrance of Rose instills in us feelings of peace and happiness enhancing our inner beauty and confidence. Rose also has an ability to open up all channels of communication and is good oil for use in relationship counseling. Rose oil is well known as an aphrodisiac.


Use it together with our pure rose water for a lovely face treatment.


Avoid in early pregnancy especially if there is a history of miscarriage.

The suggested shelf life is 6 + years.

Botanical name

Rosa Damascena 

Production method


Part used for production




Main components

Linalool, Limonene, b-Pinene.

Fragrance profile

A gentle, floral, and citrusy aroma.


5 ml


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