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Helps with breathing problems. Pine essential oil is often used to assist the lungs in cases of congestion or infection, easing and opening up breathing passageways. In addition, its antimicrobial compounds help stop the spread of bacteria and viruses that contribute to respiratory problems.

Pine essential oil is anti-inflammatory and promotes circulation. As a result, it is recommended in aromatherapy for reducing pain and swelling, and for soothing aching joints and muscles.

Siberian Pine essential oil is known to remove fatigue, stress, and negativity, while refreshing and energizing to the mind and the emotions.


When you have a cold, take a warm bath, put some honey in a cup and mix 5 drops of pine oil with the honey put this in your bath and breath.

use this essential oil is in a steam blend together with eucalyptus for promoting sinus health when or for cold or minimize early cold and flu symptoms.


Non-toxic, but may cause sensitization if the oil is older and oxidized, resulting in contact dermatitis and eczema.

The suggested shelf life is 3-4 years.

Botanical name

Pinus Sylvestris L.

Production method


Part used for production



Bosnia and Herzegovina

Main components

Menthol, terpenes, mentheen, fellandreen, linoleen.

Fragrance profile

A light fresh topnote and dry, sweet, balsamic, woody undertones.


15 ml


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