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Our Basil essential oil is steamed distilled from the delicate leaves and flowering tops of the basil plant which are growing in India. We need 500 kg plantmaterial to receive 1 kg of the essential oil.

The ancient Greek’s carried Basil on journeys for protection, and placed it with their dead to aid the journey of the soul. the Romans Basil was a symbol of strength. In India Basil is considered a sacred Herb, and wherever Basil is planted is thought of as a place of peace, piety, and virtue The leaves are still placed on the breasts of the dead to provide protection and a safe passage for the soul to the next life.

Our sweet basil essential oil is a ct linalool, meaning that it contains a higher amount of linalool than a typical distillation of other varietals of basil. Smelling this almost translucent oil is like stepping into the midst of a sun kissed field containing thousands upon thousands of the most fragrantly delicious sweet basil plants imaginable.


Basil oil a warming oil can helps to relieves muscle spasms and has a use in feminine medicine for menstrual pain and sports medicine for treatment of over-exercised muscles. Basil oil can also hep to balance the healthy digestion Basil is a brain stimulant and can be used for relieving mental fatigue, relax nervous tension or uplifting of your mood.


Add one drop of this delicious basil oil at a tissue and put this on your desk during the study and you will be better concentrated.


Avoid use in high doses, Pregnancy and Liver Disorders.

The suggested shelf life is 4-5 years.

Botanical name

Ocimum Basilicum L.

Production method


Part used for production




Main components

Linalol (alcohol), borneon, kamfer, cineol ( ketonen) methylchavicol, eugenol (fenolen), ocimeen, pineen, sylvestreen (terpenen)

Fragrance profile

Light sweet spicy with a green surrounding


15 ml


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