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The name Mandarin comes from the tasty fruit that was a traditional gift to the Mandarins of China. Mandarin is a member of the orange family.  Our essential is coming from the ripe peel of this lovely fruit from Turkey and is cold pressed. We need 50 kg for 1 kg of oil.


The red mandarin essential oil is a soothing oil. It helps to calm the nervous system, and its relaxing properties make it effective for soothing restlessness, and hyperactivity in children. It is useful for calming an over-active mind and promoting a restful night’s sleep. When vaporized, the delicious sweet fruity aroma of Mandarin Essential Oil creates a soothing and relaxing atmosphere that calms the mind if you have trouble sleeping. 


It is a wonderful and safe essential oil for children. If they are restless add a drop of mandarin essential oil on a natural stone and put this in their pocket. Time by time the child can smell this stone. The will love it. Or give the child a warm bath with mandarin.


It is one of the safest essential oils and is often recommended for children and during pregnancy.

Botanical name

Citrus Nobilis

Production method

Cold Press

Part used for production




Main components

Fragrance profile


15 ml


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