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A beautiful small tree with a very large number of feather-shaped leaves and white or light pink flowers. The tree gives a natural gum resin oil. For receiving the essential oil they have to distillate the resin oil or the bark. This excellent oil is since centuries well known all over the world in churches, all kind of religions, rituals and for meditation. The wonderful health benefits makes this oil useful in the personal skincare and perfumes.

Our Frankincense oil is coming from Somalia. we need 20 kg of the previous gum resin oil to distillate 1 kg of Frankincense oil.

It has been considered a valuable and precious oil since ancient time. Pictorial evidence from the tombs of the Pharaohs shows that Frankincense oil has been used since 1500 BC.

Frankincense has classically been used as incense and to deepen meditation.


Frankincense is one of the most useful essential oils in cold times. It has anti-inflammatory properties, this oil can help to reduces cough attacks and strengthens the immune system.

This essential oil promote overall skin health, especially in the instance of working to heal scars or minor topical injuries.

The oil has a resinous, rich aroma and can aid in calming the lungs and the emotions, and it’s great for restless leg syndrome. Frankincense is excellent for headaches and tension in the neck muscles.

frankincense essential oil is so rich with potential applications. It can encourage emotional healing, support reflection and introspection, and bring peace and calm.

Frankincense essential oil is a deeply calming oil. It can help to slow down and deepen the breathing, and is often used during meditation and prayer to focus and still the mind. It is therefore an ideal aromatherapy oil for people who cannot ‘switch off’ or for chronic worriers. Frankincense oil is also very helpful for mature or damaged skin.


Add Frankincense essential oil to natural skin care products for dry, aging skin and to help reduce scar tissue For intensive facial treatments use it in massage oil blends with one of our carrier oils such as Argan, Jojoba, rosehip or macadamia oil.

If you want to sleep but your thoughts keep on digging around 1 to 2 drops frankincense oil on natural stone or cotton tissue. It may helps you to relax the mind and helps you to fall asleep.


Non-toxic, generally non-irritating. Can be skin irritating if oxidized.

The suggested shelf life is 2-3 years.

Botanical name

Boswellia Carterii

Production method


Part used for production

Gum – Resin



Main components

75 % monoterpenen, sesquiterpenen, monoterpenolen, sesquiterpenolen and ketons.

Fragrance profile

This Frankincense has a warm, woody balm aroma with a little sparkling touch


5 ml


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