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Eglantine a company who work with heart and soul.

A company who work together with farmers all over the world to produce different pure plants extracts such as essential oils, carrier oils, hydrosols and absolutes. 1985 the beginning of the company, it starts all with  distillation of rose essential oil in Turkey. 

Year after year we develop the distillation process and the quality of the lovely rose oil. We became experts in production and extraction process and we manufacture our own equipment. To improve the quality we build a laboratory to guaranty the end product. 

Eglantine a wild rose growing in the nature, a strong plant with lovely light pink flowers looking bright over the world. A strong plant who knows what to do and can survive without a hand of human being. A sweet flowery fragrance who touch your nose, your heart your soul and of course and we can’t ignore the thorn’s to protect the plant.

Everybody in the world deserve to use high quality natural oils. 

Everybody have to know were the source is from the products. So we decide after we found out there is a lot of “fake” oil, aldurated oil or mixed oil to go for integrity, purity, honesty and transparency. We take care about people and planet and we love to share this with you.

The most of our products we produce them by our self. When it’s not possible, our partners are doing it with our manufactured production units. This can be all over the world. 

"From farm to bottle to you, we know the wonderful journey of our products."