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Eglantine a company who work with heart and soul.

Eglantine is a dedicated company who work with heart and soul. 
We always works together with farmers all over the world to produce
different pure plants extracts such as essential oils, carrier oils,
hydrosols and absolutes. 

In 1985, when the company was born, it started from the distillation
of rose essential oil in region Isparta, Turkey. Year after year we develop
the distillation process and the quality of the lovely rose oil. We became experts in production and extraction process.  


We manufacture our own equipment and producing in countries such as Bulgaria, Egypt, Kenia, Pakistan and Italy.

To improve the quality we build a laboratory to guarantee the high therapeutic use of our products.

At this moment we are the biggest company from all over the world who is producing different kind of essential oils by themselves

Eglantine, a wild rose growing in the nature. A strong shrub with lovely light pink flowers looking bright over the world. This elegant and robust plant can survive without our help. Her sweet flowery fragrance touch your nose, heart and soul.


                         “Nice to meet you”

Everybody in the world deserve to use high quality natural oils. 

Our mission is to connect farmer, producer and user to create together the highest quality of aromatherapy products.

All our partners, farmers and employees have a passion to work only with pure and honest products, people who work with their heart and soul. 

When our partners produce the aromatherapy products, they do it with our manufactured production units. This mode can work all over the world. From farm to you, we know the wonderful journey of our products.

We go for integrity, purity, honesty and transparency. We take care about people and planet and we love to share this with you.

From farm to you, we know the wonderful journey of our products

To bring you the best quality of essential oils our team select the best farmers all over the world and we produce our own oils. We support social projects, eco project, local communities and local farmers.

Enjoy our high therapeutic quality aromatherapy products and support your wellbeing. When you use the Gift from Mother Earth, you also show your consideration for yourself and the world.

Embrace Nature, Embrace Yourself Be Pure.

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