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Cypress is a long-lived evergreen tree native to the Mediterranean region. Our Cypress essential oil is steam distilled from the leaves from the Cypress tree in Spain, 70 kg we have to distill to receive 1 kg of this gentle woody oil

Like the Cedar, the Cypres was worshiped by the ancient peoples as a sacred tree. From the wood, ships were built and gates and roofs were made for shrines. In many cultures the Cypress was symbol of death and grief, that is why cypresses have been planted on graveyards for many centuries.


Cypres essential oil is purifying, protecting and refreshing and was traditionally used in purifying incense. It is a valuable oil to use during times of upheaval, painful change or stressful situations. It can help the flow of stagnant energy and encourage a more focussed approach to problems. Cypress has an affinity with the skin and is also beneficial for respiratory problems such as coughs and bronchitis. Cypress opens your chest area.

Utilized in massage blends Cypress Essential Oil helps to increase circulation and is good for reducing visible veins and cellulite Useful for relief of swelling and pain of varicose veins, especially with a little Lemon oil added to the blend. Calms & soothes,

Cypress is astringent and therefore useful for areas of excess fluid. Try adding it to skin care blends for oily skin; it is great to use with a clay mask.

Cypress can be used in a diffuser to bring a lovely, woodsy aroma to the room. Often used in blends for menstrual symptoms and to reduce cramps.


Do you know, Regular foot baths with Cypress oil can greatly reduce sweating of your feet. Make a foot bath with hand warm water. Mix in a cup a hand of sea salt with 10 ml of our jojaba oil add 3 drops of cypress oil and mix this all together with the water. Take a foot bath for 15 minutes.

If you have spasmodic coughing, add 1-2 drops of the Cypress oil on a tissue and inhale deep.

Use our special blend for the Flu treatment and recover smoother.


Cypress is astringent so don’t use it for children when you have high blood tension or Brest cancer. Avoid with pregnancy

The suggested shelf life is 2-3 years.

Botanical name

Cupressus Sempervirens L.

Production method


Part used for production




Main components

Pineen, kamfeen, sylverstreen, cymeen, sabinol.

Fragrance profile

A gentle light woody smell with a fresh surrounding and a little herb note with a warm feeling.


15 ml


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