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Learn about the production of essential oil

For this year we create a brand new program. An unique program  for lovers and professionals. A program all about  cultivation, harvest, essential oils and how to use them. An inspiring program with our passionate senior Aromatherapist Joanne from the Netherlands.

Immerse yourself completely in the harvest of  Roses or Lavender. See the production from plant to essential oil in our factory in Turkey. Listen to inspiring stories about cultivation, harvest, production and explore what you can do with the end products.

Have a look at our three options and let us know what you prefer. Our intention is to give you a wonderful experience to remember forever.

Day seminar

A special day for everyone who wants to experience a harvest and wants to discover what you can do with essential oils in your daily life.

You will see and help the farmers with the harvest. With our factory tour you will find out different kind of production.  In a creative way you will have a workshop about the end products and how to use them in your daily life.

Let our aromatherapist inspire you how to give yourself an aroma treatment at home.

Two Day seminar

This unique 2-day seminar is especially for lovers and professionals  (aromatherapist, perfumers, students). The program in which we process together our own harvest into essential oil with the traditional distillation.

Our aromatherapist will teach you the benefits for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. She will inspire you how to practice the end products. 

We end this seminar with a picnic , music and dance. 

Course Aromatherapy 3 days

how to use essential oil in your daily life

In this three day course our Aromatherapist will teach you about essential oils, carriers oils and hydrosols. She will show you the different kind of production methods.

You will smell different kind of essential oils and learn about there benefits. She will inspire you how you can use these wonderful 100% pure and natural product at home safety.

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