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Discover the world of essential oils

For this year we create a brand new program. A unique program  for groups of students or professionals with several aromatherapy items such as cultivation, harvest, distillation, essential oils and how to use them.  About blending and Chakra balancing with essential oils.  Several inspiring programs with our passionate senior Aromatherapist Joanne from the Netherlands.

Her seminars offer an interesting mix of knowledge, inspiration and hands on activities. With years of experience, qualified expertise and her passion, Joanne will take you on a truly memorable trip through the ‘World of Natural Fragrances’.

Have a look at our options and let us know what you prefer. Our intention is to give you a wonderful experience to remember forever.

Rose StudyTour three Days

A unique program for groups of students and professionals, such as aromatherapists,  pharmacists, perfumers etc…

A program with inspiring stories about the origin and cultivation of the roses, helping local people harvesting roses and distill your own rose oil in a traditional way.

During a tour at the rose distilling factory, you will discover different production processes. In a visit to the laboratory, you will learn more about oil analyses. Ins and out about the rose, its essential oil and hydrosol are covered as well as knowledge about the symbolism behind the rose. Of course, a rose treatment is also on the program. 

Be prepared for all your senses to be touched. After these day’s you have a lot of Rose Wisdom and an unforgettable experience.

This studytour is certified by IFA- International Federation of Aromatherapists

send an email and receive more details. 

Chakra Balancing Treatment 1 day

During this day you learn about the seven main chakra’s and how to balance these chakras with essential oils.

Chakra balancing means to restore a healthy, relaxed and natural flow of energy in a chakra. In our daily lives chakras can become out of balance or overloaded by agitated thoughts, emotions and feelings. These will disturb their inner flow and your overall life force.

The amazing properties of essential oils help to calm down your chakra vibrations and rebalance the flow of energy to and from the chakras when they are out of balance.

At the end of the day you know how to balance your natural flow of the chakra energy. A day full of practical tips.

In all of your chakras you’ll find a footprint of your memories, emotions, experiences, hopes and dreams of this or another life.


Course Aromatherapy 3 days

how to use essential oil in your daily life

In this three day course our Aromatherapist will teach you about essential oils, carriers oils and hydrosols. She will show you the different kind of production methods.

You will smell different kind of essential oils and learn about there benefits. She will inspire you how you can use these wonderful 100% pure and natural product at home safety.

Learn about the different methods how to use essential oils, learn the “rules” about blending and create your own natural products.

This three day’s aromatherapy seminar is intended for those who would like to get a deeper and more detailed knowledge or an refreshment of the aromatherapy

You are welcome with your individual group send an email and receive more details

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