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Rose flowerwater is well known for its astringent, toning, cell regenerating, soothing purifying and calming benefits. Rose Hydrosol is a pure refreshment for body and mind. The divine fragrance of Rose hydrosol makes it as a wonderful facial spritzer at any time of day. Used regularly,

Rose hydrosol helps to give you a clear and fresh looking. If you have tired or irritated eyes, soak two cotton pads with this lovely hydrosol and cover your eyes for minimum 10 minutes.

The lovely sparkling fragrance of Rose hydrosol have an affinity with the heart. Babies will love this hydrosol in their bathwater.

Try a little bit of the delicate rose hydrosol in your beverages, cookies or dessert and let surprise you.

Botanical name

Rosa Damascena 

Production method


Part used for production





200 ml

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